B2B Demand Generation: chapter IP Tracking


This blog examines IP Tracking, and how it is a tool to turn anonymous web visitors into customers

B2B Demand Generation: chapter IP Tracking

Turn anonymous web visitors into qualified leads and know exactly what your hot prospects are doing on your website. IP tracking is a fantastic solution for any B2B organization! Even with business shifted to work-from-home, IP tracking continues to have a place in the marketing technology stack supporting sales in many B2B businesses and B2B Ecommerce business environments. 

In this post I will be covering the possibilities that IP tracking can offer today to any B2B business, ranging from the sales to marketing implications and how a solution like this can have a profound impact on business and ecommerce result.  

An often-heard argument is that you might know the company who visited your website, but not the person who visited. The answer to that one is, which department in that company would usually purchase your offering? Usually it comes down to a handful of people.  

But one swallow does not make a summer… two or more however… As a colleague of mine often says, your potential customers are not visiting your website to find a sudoku puzzle (thanks Harry), their visit probably has a purpose and you can choose to act upon it. Where most solutions by now are able to recognize not only the company visiting, but also if it’s one person, or several.  

The beauty of this marketing technology (martech) is that it is extremely easy to get started with, in most cases these SAAS solutions are on an affordable month to month bases. Which will fit great in any marketing mix and marketing strategy as it is so easy to get started with. The only thing you need is a website integration and a credit card + maybe one hour of your time on discovering how the solution works. 

Martech IP Tracking Solutions 

There are multiple solutions out there that offer tracking with IP addresses, differing mostly in price and the level to recognize the company visiting your website. Most of these solutions allow a ‘recognition’ rate of up to say 75% of your visitors – this does have a lot of variables related to location and industry you are in.  

You can start very affordable with something like Leadberry, but I would recommend Leadfeeder over them. Their user interface (UI) and ability to recognize companies is just better and they have a good quality price balance.  

Another strong solution is Albacross, next to a good solution on IP tracking they are able to combine it with a personalization API which allows you to personalize your website based on available data via Google Optimize. Just imagine that you recognize the company’s industry and have a different, industry matching, message shown on your homepage. AND that you can have this setup in a matter of hours, of which the most time goes into creating the personalized message. In addition, they also have a neat feature allowing to run display advertising in a targeted manner to (specific) web visitors, all integrated into their SAAS solution.  

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Albacross – lead overview list 

And then there is one more I would like to mention: Lead Forensics. Very strong solution as well, high ability to recognize companies hitting your website. And they also offer a similar IP based personalization engine via their own ‘what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)’ editor that includes a simple to use analytics solution so you can measure the impact of applied personalization. My experience is that performance can go up by 20-30%; more time on site, more page visits, more conversions, etc.  

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Lead Forensics – lead overview list 

IP Based Personalization 

Already touched on the topic, the power of IP Based Personalization has been under pressure ever since working from home took to the next level. A certain Digital Experience Platform leader even shared that this form of personalization is dead. However, I believe that IP Based Personalization can be a great start! Capturing the attention of the new web visitor, able to hold and trigger their interest in the short first seconds where you can make a difference. The ability to show messaging that is close to their industry will result in an increase of their attention span with more page visits, longer time on site, return visits and higher conversion rates as a result.  

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