Ant-Man and Mobile Ecommerce


The comedic actor in the new movie Ant-Man isn’t the only thing getting smaller. Technology is shrinking, and that drastically changes customer expectations for your e-business.

Everything is shrinking. Even Paul Rudd. In the upcoming movie Ant-Man, Rudd plays the relatively unknown Marvel superhero with the ability to shrink himself down to size. But the comedic actor isn’t the only thing getting smaller. Technology is shrinking, and that drastically changes customer expectations for your e-business.

With the power to do complex computing and networking with merely the phone in your pocket, more and more customers are choosing mobile ecommerce as their preferred way of researching and buying products. Nielsen reports that 79% of smartphone users in the US have used their phones for shopping-related activities. And that number only gets larger as the user base grows and technology shrinks.

A strong mobile experience is so important that Google’s search engine punishes websites that aren’t “mobile-friendly.” This means that if your website doesn’t perform well on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, your search ranking goes down. A low search ranking makes it much harder for potential customers to find you. Many customers find mobile ecommerce sites through organic search, so this simple decision by Google affects online sellers and their bottom line.

While the bottom line of Ant-Man is the fact that he gets smaller, that’s not his only superpower. He also retains his normal-sized strength as he becomes insect-sized. (Of course this is due to a tenuous scientific explanation from comic books.) Regardless, this is an important lesson for your mobile ecommerce site. Offer mobile customers the same power that you have in your normal-sized website! Don’t make mobile users feel like lesser customers with a bare-bones, weak website.

Responsive design and mobile friendliness

Responsive website design is the best option for delivering your same great website experience to your visitors on mobile. Responsive design scales down your website to fit on any screen size from desktop to tablets to smartphones while delivering the same content that your visitors have come to expect. If you neglect to offer customers the full mobile ecommerce experience, you risk losing them to competitors who do. That’s why Dynamicweb’s CMS delivers responsive design that works with powerful features like personalization.

One important advantage of responsive design is that it maintains your site’s navigation for a better customer experience. Navigation, or how your visitors find content on your website, is an important part of how customers feel about your site. If your guests are unable to find what they’re looking for, frustration sets in early. They might leave and never return. On the contrary, easy navigation means happier customers.

If Ant-Man follows the lead of other Marvel movies, the eponymous hero will take in a lot of money despite his physical size. And the same is true of the best mobile ecommerce websites. Your customers want a powerful mobile site with the same content, features, and coherent navigation as the desktop version. Screen size doesn’t have to dictate your customer experience. That’s why mobile is super.

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