Adding to the Retail Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365


D365 is fantastic for extending capabilities with add-on solutions, one of which is LS Retail. Learn more about the benefits of LS Retail and its integration.

If your organization uses or is considering using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management, you know that there are many applications to pick and choose from in building your system. From customer service to sales to artificial intelligence, the platform grows as you require. While retailers enjoy D365 for its capabilities, however, it’s important to know that you can expand D635 and similar platforms.

There is a retail module built into D365 with features that aim to optimize store management, merchandising, customer fulfillment, and inventory management and utilization. These features certainly offer a retail foundation to the rest of the D365 system. If this is not robust enough to meet your organization’s retail or e-commerce needs, it’s entirely possible to augment D365 with a strategic partnership.

D365 is fantastic for extending capabilities with add-on solutions, one of which is LS Retail. This is a pre-built solution tailored to meet retail needs beyond the Microsoft module. 

The Benefits of LS Retail

LS Retail goes above and beyond, with many bells and whistles that make retail integration easy and, even better, effective. It is a unified commerce solution with Dynamicweb, augmenting D365 retail capabilities with features like a point of sale system, loyalty points, gift cards, and promo codes.

Built on Microsoft technology, LS Retail is quick to set up but remains highly configurable. For your organization, that means familiar tech without having to dive into coding or complex settings, but you can still customize and configure it according to your needs.

Thanks to its focus on integration between systems, LS Retail is a great addition to any omni-channel retail experience. It brings together offline operations and any e-commerce you have in place or plan to develop.

Integrating with LS Retail and Dynamicweb

LS Retail is widely used across the world, supporting in excess of 270 certified Microsoft partners and LS Retail partners in over 80 countries. Dynamicweb integrates with LS Retail and with Microsoft Dynamics, so your organization benefits from real-time communication between the three, and any other platforms, modules, or add-ons you have integrated.

Any omni-channel retailer has to ensure that its systems are smoothly integrated and sharing information effectively and efficiently. It’s when your organization is dealing with multiple disconnected systems that problems happen, sales slow down, and you miss out on important business opportunities. Go beyond what D365 can do out of the box by integrating with LS Retail and Dynamicweb.

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