6 reasons to partner with DynamicWeb for integrated eCommerce solutions


Whether you work for a VAR providing critical business solutions, an ISV bridging the gaps of technology, or an agency offering expert services, you are the catalyst that takes things to the next level. So…let’s talk partnership!

Here’s to helping your customers succeed! That is, after all, what our companies are all about, right?

Whether you work for a VAR providing critical business solutions, an ISV bridging the gaps of technology, or an agency offering expert services, you are the catalyst that takes things to the next level. So…let’s talk partnership!

We work with more than 300+ partners (catalysts like yourself) around the world – all in the pursuit of helping each other take our customers to the next level. Our partnerships have helped both Dynamicweb and our partners extend our capabilities and add tremendous value to our customers’ businesses. With a strong network of partners, anything is possible and no challenge too tough.

So, why Dynamicweb?

Digital experiences are increasingly becoming the primary differentiator among retailers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of all kinds. Partnering with Dynamicweb provides your customers with an entire eCommerce Suite to launch and grow a successful eCommerce strategy and lead the competition for the next decade and beyond. Working with your team, we will empower you to offer those services and capabilities to your customers, with you as their primary solution provider.

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6 reasons to partner with Dynamicweb for a unified eCommerce Suite

  1. Meet customer demand for digital transformation

Regardless of their industry, many of your customers are probably looking for ways to expand their business online – whether it’s through an ecommerce store, self-service portal, third-party digital marketplaces, or all of the above. Expand your service offering to meet customer demand for eCommerce, PIM, CMS and Digital Marketing, all in one eCommerce Suite that scales to enterprise level requirements.

  1. Add a new line of business and grow your revenue

Every bit of revenue counts. Ecommerce also happens to be in hyper-growth mode. As an implementation partner, we’ll empower your team to provide the hands-on implementation and support services that will transform the lives of your customers, and add new revenue directly to your bottom line. Or, send your clients our way when they need our services and we’ll handle all the heavy lifting!

  1. (Technical) Documentation and certifications

No partner gets left behind. Dynamicweb provides all the documentation, certifications and support you need to take as much or as little ownership of projects with your clients as you’d like. And don’t worry, we’ve always got your back for additional services and support as an extension of your team.

  1. Presales digital strategy sessions and consulting

Every client has unique requirements – and we’ve got unique experience! Let our team assist yours with presales strategy and roadmap sessions before your major client discovery meetings to outline the ideal proposal and close more deals.

  1. Referral commissions

Our referral program is competitive and simple.  You provide us with the referral (warm introductions are always welcome), the referral becomes a Dynamicweb client, you get paid! Likewise, Dynamicweb will provide you with referrals when you are the right fit for our clients’ or partners’ requirements.

To learn more about payment terms, please contact us.

  1. Marketing content and go-to-market support

Marketers can never have too much content! As your partner, we’ll provide you with free, SEO-optimized content - blogs and live events that you can use to fill your potential gaps, engage your audience, and accelerate awareness of your eCommerce offerings.

How we enable our partners to do more

Partner onboarding

Start your partnership with our sales and platform onboarding program. By making extensive partner services available, we’ll work together in minimizing risk and increase earnings by being available from the first sales pitch through delivering a successful project.

  • Educate your sales team on how to craft proposals and conduct sales meetings using our sales templates for scope questionnaires
  • Ensure that your sales reps and project managers know the platform and best practices
  • Instruct developers on the Dynamicweb open integration framework

Developer onboarding

Become an expert and discover Dynamicweb best practices. With customized onboarding programs we’ll get your team confident on platform development, integration, as well as integrated Product Information Management (PIM) implementation.

Presales consultancy

Let us participate in presales consultancy to scope and estimate your projects, provide input in technical deep-dives and sales meetings both online and onsite, or get assistance in answering RFPs.

Project delivery support

Whether your team wants to take on a project entirely or partially, you can always rely on us as an extension of your team for support during projects, troubleshooting, testing, etc. We’ll also assist with project startup to ensure the right architecture and planning are in place.

Let’s talk!

If ever there was a time to include ecommerce in your solution offerings, this is it. The last year has forced many industries to shift to digital processes – accelerating long-term trends that were already in motion, and won’t be going away anytime soon. B2B eCommerce in the US alone is forecasted to reach $1.8 Trillion by 2023 (double that of B2C), and was $12.2 Trillion globally in 2019 (six times that of B2C).

Businesses in nearly every industry are exploring the right ecommerce solution to meet their needs, regardless if they’re in retail, distribution, manufacturing, agriculture, life sciences, specialty services – you name it! Let us help you build strategies that cement your value as a partner, and create lasting, competitive advantages for your customers.

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