5 Quick Tips to Sell More with B2B eCommerce and Dynamics AX or NAV


B2B sales often have longer cycles than B2C. Despite this, B2B sales teams, B2B marketing teams, and their loyal IT teams move at a breakneck pace. We understand that, so let’s not even waste your time with an intro.

Here are 5 quick tips to sell more with B2B eCommerce and Dynamics AX or NAV.

  1. Have a Plan. Before you take a look at the tactics to increase your conversions, create a B2B eCommerce strategy. Know your target segments.  Know who your customers are, and know which customers buy which products.

As the wise Sun Tzu once said, “eCommerce is a river.”  We’re not sure what that means, but a documented digital strategy is a big help towards raising your conversion rates.

  1. Segmentation. Once you know who your B2B customers are, you want to get the appropriate products in front of the appropriate customers. As for the “inappropriate” customers… we’ll leave them be for now.

Segmentation allows you identify groups of customers by unifying traits.  You establish that certain types of customers want certain types of products.  Dynamics AX or NAV doesn’t do this segmentation on their own, so it takes an eCommerce solution that integrates with your existing systems.

  1. Track Customer Behavior. Once you’ve created your customer segments, track each individual customer’s behavior in order to identify which segment they belong to.  An integrated B2B eCommerce solution does this primarily through 2 means:
  • Tracking customer responses over email
  • Tracking actions on your website (page visits, wishlists, additions to shopping cart, etc.).

And if you ever hope to have some leisure time on a weekend, please automate this process!  Attempting to do this manually may be hazardous to your sanity.

  1. Personalize Their Online Experience. Use the data you have gathered to dynamically alter your website for your customers.  Offer them product and content recommendations based on their own previous actions.  Send customers to customized landing pages when it makes sense.

The reason this helps increase conversions is because these targeted recommendations are more likely to be relevant to each specific customer’s interests.  And when your Dynamics AX or NAV speaks with your eCommerce, these products are pulled straight from your inventory and represented on your site in full glory.

  1. Use Log-Ins. B2B customers that use log-ins give you even more insight into the needs and interests of their business.  Integrate their saved customer info with the rest of your online marketing to further hone your targeting.

You also have the opportunity to sell more when you let your customers log in for easy reorders and personalized pricing, both of which are available to customers 24/7.

There you go!  Five quick and proven tips to use your Dynamics AX or NAV systems with your eCommerce to make more sales online.  And always remember… eCommerce is a river.

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