3 Must-Have Features for Successful Online Store


Within the specialist trade industry, you often compete with many other companies that sell similar products as your own. It is therefore important to differentiate yourself from your competitors both online and physically.

With a niche shop you have a wide range of customers and opportunities, but you are also operating in a strong competitive market.

If you have one or more physical stores, it is incredibly important for you to have an online precense with a modern online store that gives the customer a good impression of your business. With this store you have the opportunity to reach many more customers. But, it is important that you have a comprehensive image for your business to portray to your customers, so that the customer gets the same products, offers and availability both physically and online. This, in turn, will increase your sales and brand awareness while reducing risk and costs.

Here are 3 important things you need to succeed with your online store.

1. Integrate your online store with your ERP

If you want a successful online store, it is important to have an integrated ERP system (business system) that produces live information all the time. This way, your customers will always get the right information regarding prices, offers, products, stock status and product information. This will result in a better customer experience when they visit your site.

2. Automatic ordering processes - customer portals

In your online store, you should offer a customer portal where customers can log in and look at previous orders, invoices, re-ordering and contact information. This reduces the manual work you need to do and the customer's requests are handled faster.

A customer portal may also contribute to increased customer loyalty. In addition, you can create more customized content for each customer, based on their past purchases and interests in the online store.

3. Product Information Management

By having an integrated Product Information Management system you can give your customer as complete information as possible about all your products.

PIM allows you to enrich your products with a lot more information than you can normally get from an ERP system. In addition, you can easily change/add product information at the group and variant levels.

With a PIM system you can also cross-publish all the information you have on social media and other sales channels and you also have the option of adding multiple languages to your PIM system so that when you change the product information in one language, it is easy to make the change in the other languages at the same time.

A good example of a company that has chosen to digitize its business is Pillivuyt. Pillivuyt is one of our many customers who uses the Dynamicweb All-in-one platform.

With a long tradition of selling high-quality porcelain to food lovers around the world, it was time that they also gained an online presence that was consistent with the company's quality focus.

Pillivuyt's new website has been a great success and has increased traffic to the company. 

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