3 CMS Tips that Help to Increase Traffic and Revenue


Trade concerns all physical products that are sold to an end user. It covers everything from furniture and electronics to tools and paint. Everyone who has a business in such an industry is therefore confronted with a very competitive market, and the big

Today we operate in a buyers market - meaning that the supply is much larger than necessary and many companies are struggling to attract customers and retain their existing customers. Content is nowadays a much more important part of sales than anything else you do to attract the customer.

It is important that you offer the customer inspiration and added value. Although the sofa you are going to sell is pretty good in itself, it is imperative that you give the customer more value than just the sofa itself. When a consumer wants to buy a new sofa for his living room, their search starts online. Because of the digital world we live in, the customer has an incredible number of resources that they can use.

We have collected three tips to help you attract customers by offering the right content.

1. Inspire your customers

It does not mean that the sofa that you are trying to sell is fashionable in itself. You have to inspire the customer by placing the sofa in a homely environment, so that the customer can recognize himself in the situation. 

2. Write a blog

Create a blog on your digital platform where you can give customers useful information and tips on how they can meet a need by using one of the products that you sell. Remember that this blog should not be a sales pitch, so it is important that you do not write about the specific sofa, but about how a sofa can determine the appearance of the entire living room.

3. Spend enough time on your content

Spend enough time on putting together relevant and inspiring content for your customer: Quantity over quality! Feel free to create a campaign where you address a need on which you focus for several weeks and give the customer different types of content about that specific need. Choosing a dynamic CMS solution can also help you deliver relevant information to your customer. In this way, the customer gains confidence in your company.

By using these three tips, you will be able to attract more customers from your competition to your company, and these customers will also be more loyal because they believe they get more value from your company than just the sale itself. You can offer the customer content both before and after the sale If you sell multiple types of products, it may be interesting to keep the customer relationship alive, because the next time the customer needs a product that you also sell, you will be their first choice because you have offered more than just the product. Besides, satisfied customers are good ambassadors for your brand!

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