12 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas To Help Your Brand Rise Above the Competition


Learn about holiday marketing campaign ideas to treat your customers to something extra special and expand your market reach this holiday season.

Holiday marketing campaigns are valuable tools for businesses to celebrate and maximize opportunities during the holiday season. Dedicating special attention to the festivities and creating special offers shows customers that your company cares and expands your market reach. This year, join in on the festivities by facilitating eCommerce buying journeys that are distinct from the experiences you create the rest of the year. In honor of the 12 days of Christmas, we have 12 holiday marketing campaign ideas to help your brand shine bright! 

Holiday marketing campaign ideas to try

1. Launch holiday-specific products

Launching a line of holiday-specific products is a cheerful way to celebrate the season. While it may be too late to create entirely new offerings, there may still be time to add extra flare to the packaging to create a unique product variation. 

2. Create holiday gift bundles 

Holiday gift bundles make gifting easy for the shopper because they’re all-in-one gifts that are convenient to purchase, thoughtfully curated, and likely to be perceived as substantial and thoughtful. Make a gift basket of items from the core brand collection or group products together based on their intended use, i.e., a tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag. Consider adding an extra appeal to the holiday gift bundles at a special discounted price. 

3. Create holiday collections

Your customers likely take a different buying journey when they are looking for holiday gifts than they do throughout the rest of the year. Consider creating product pages of holiday collections to help visitors navigate your eCommerce site effortlessly. Build product collections around holiday themes, categories, or gift recipients. 

4. Create holiday gift guides

Holiday shoppers love browsing gift guides to get ideas for the recipients on their list. Make sure your products are featured in gift guides by creating your own and publishing them on your blog, posting them on social media, and sharing them through email marketing campaigns. Use the holiday gift guide as an opportunity to create a rich experience that delights, converts, and retains customers.

5. Offer digital gift cards

Last-minute gifters often need something special to purchase that can be sent and received instantly, and nothing meets these criteria better than a digital gift card. Make gifting easy with gift cards that reflect the season, can be customized for the recipient, and can be sent via email right away. Even those who shop in advance will appreciate the ease of digital gift cards. They can be easily purchased and redeemed from anywhere in the world and provide an opportunity for brands to increase their visibility. Digital gift cards are environmentally friendly, reduce fulfillment expenses, and can boost overall sales. 

6. Add a wish list feature

Who doesn’t love making a wish list for their secret or not-so-secret Santa? If your site does not already have a wish list feature, create one for the holiday season so customers can save their favorites and share them with friends and family. As a bonus, the wish list feature allows you to send customized marketing messages to keep customers up to date with the status of their favorite products. For instance, you can send notifications when items on their list are on sale or low in stock. 

7. Deck the halls

The holiday season is intrinsically linked with sparkling lights, snowflakes, evergreen trees, and tinsel. When it is time to deck the halls, remember to embellish your eCommerce presence just as you would decorate a physical store. Consider updating social media assets, marketing content, and web design with merry decorations that share in the excitement of this particular time of year.

8. Leverage email marketing 

Email marketing is a staple every month of the year, and the holiday season is the time to take it to an entirely new level. Buyers are eager and motivated to make purchases, making it a great time to incentivize email newsletter subscriptions with a discount. Reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts and incentivize new email subscribers with a discount. Then, send out strategically timed emails to remind consumers about deadlines, like the last day to place an order so it arrives by Christmas.

9. Elevate the shipping experience 

For the holiday season, simplify the shopping experience by providing free shipping for all purchases or over a specific order amount. 

10. Simplify returns and exchanges 

Gift-giving inherently includes some degree of mystery. Will the recipient love the gift? Do they already own something similar? Will they want to keep it or discretely return it? To give your shoppers peace of mind and ensure the recipients are satisfied with the experience of your brand, simplify the return and exchange process. It is crucial to review your policies and ensure they are holiday-ready. Provide clear instructions and helpful customer support to aid in any questions or issues that may arise. 

11. Gift wrap

A major logistics issue eCommerce shoppers often run into during the holidays revolves around gift wrapping, particularly for gifters who need to mail presents to friends and family. Take all the hassle away from your customers by offering gift-wrapping services. If this is not within the scope or capabilities of your business, partner with a company that can handle the gift wrapping. Either way, make sure your customers have an effortless shopping experience and can ensure their gift arrives nicely wrapped to its recipient. 

Celebrate the holidays with DynamicWeb

The holiday season is a special time to enhance relationships with loyal customers and introduce your brand to new audiences. Launching marketing campaigns unique to this time of year helps your business take advantage of everything the season has to offer. 

With customers across nearly every retail, wholesale, and manufacturing vertical, DynamicWeb understands the importance of boosting brand awareness, loyalty, and sales during the holiday season. We provide customers with best-in-class eCommerce, CMS, PIM, and Digital Marketing solutions that set them up for success during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year. To learn how we can help you celebrate the holidays, contact DynamicWeb today. 

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