Predictions and trends 2022

Get the top 2022 trends within Product Information Management, Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Content Management.

In many ways, 2021 feels like a continuation of 2020. In these weird times, where the pandemic disrupts the entire economy and forced multiple industries to think creatively to overcome survive these challenging times. Looking into 2022, the rapid acceleration of the eCommerce market and digital transformation doesn’t seem to slow down. In fact, businesses must keep pace with the biggest trends facing the market.

Digital experiences and events, voice assistances, shopping journeys, multiple sales channels, omnichannel strategies, and the list of trends seem endlessly long. However, the common threat is consumer habits. It is essential for any business, no matter size or industry, to be familiar with your target audience’s habits. You need to pay attention, and you need to act on their habits to meet their demands.

At DynamicWeb, we experience an increase in demand for a solution that enables companies to deliver the best possible shopping experience - a smooth journey combining the online and offline experience. Hence, we have investigated the top trends within our areas of expertise: Product Information Management, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce and Content Management.

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