From traditional offline business to modern online customer portal

Featuring Forrester & Norsk Stål

Self-service is becoming a big part of B2B shopping. Forrester researched that as of now 42 % of B2B shopping is already self-serviced and the numbers are increasing.

Norsk Stål, together with Solteq and DynamicWeb, went from traditional offline business to modern online business with their first ever e-commerce& PIM project.

Hear from Forrester senior analysts Joe Cicman and Amanda LeClair how to utilize ecommerce and Product Information Management together to increase bottom-line results. 

Hear from Kristian Fjågesund, Customer Service Manager at Norsk Stål, about how they implemented new solutions that made 2021 a great year for Norsk Stål.

Download this webinar and get the full story about

  • How PIM & Ecommerce complete and enrich each other.
  • How you can have product data drive product experience.
  • How Norsk Stål implemented new solutions that helped the sales reps save time and increase sales.
  • How it is now possible to handle leftover steel in a new and even more sustainable way.

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