DynamicWeb 10 – enterprise ready composable eCommerce

Get to know DynamicWeb 10 from a commercial perspective and get introduced to some of the most central DynamicWeb 10 concepts. Find out what is new, and learn how DynamicWeb 10 is positioned in the market.

Throughout the last years eCommerce has become the most effective sales channel and companies connect with their customers through more and more channels. Creating this connected eCommerce environment requires a flexible and open IT architecture to stay ahead of the curve and DynamicWeb is proud to step up the game with DynamicWeb 10.

DynamicWeb 10 is built from the ground up on .NET 7 with a composable MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud, Headless) based architecture to support a modern enterprise eCommerce setup.

DynamicWeb 10 can either be used as an eCommerce suite that will simplify CMS, eCommerce, PIM and Marketing in one interface or be delivered as individual API-based best-of-breed solutions. Either way, DynamicWeb 10 comes with pre-built connectors for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs.

Download this release webinar to get the introduction and demo of  DynamicWeb 10.

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