B2B eCommerce checklist

B2B customers and webshops talk past each other

eCommerce is a jungle, and unfortunately it often gets even more complicated because B2B customers and B2B webshops don't speak the same language. Many webshops don't hear what B2B buyers actually want, and the result is that you don't provide your customers with the features and services that actually create value for them.

Does your webshop miss the mark with your features and services?

This is the truth among many B2B webshops, and the reason must be found in a misunderstanding about what the B2B buyer actually needs.

This is a big problem, because a webshop should make the buying experience consistent and easy for the customer.

Unfortunately, a survey of B2B buyers and webshops shows that this is far from always the case.

B2B buyers were asked which features and services of a B2B webshop are valuable to them - while webshops were asked which features and services they offer, or expect to be able to offer, to their customers.

And the answers don't match.

See the list below and find out what your customers actually want from your webshop.

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