WorldEmp's Journey to Seamless Global Talent Matching

WorldEmp connects knowledge, labor capacity and demand, digitally and globally due to the DynamicWeb platform.

WorldEmp brings supply and demand of "technicians" together in an affordable, scalable and efficient way. They do this by connecting the best technically skilled employees from India to companies worldwide. WorldEmp matches people for several industries, for example the ICT, engineering, data or finance industry. 

The challenge

WorldEmp's journey to a Robust Online Presence

The current website no longer matched WorldEmp's online strategy. For example, the website did not include the ability to present the profiles and corrensponding resumes that WorldEmp offers. This made it difficult for WorldEmp to generate online leads and it created a weak online position in comparison with competitors. 

WorldEmp wished to be completely unburdened online and to present its wide range of resumes in a simple way. 

The solution

A Solution that Meets the Requirements

WorldEmp had some requirements for the solution: 

  • A compact and clear platform; 
  • An apperance matching the identity; 
  • A user-friendly filter-function for profiles; 
  • An user-friendly filter-function for resumes to find a fitting professional; 
  • A platform to compete with competitors and that generate leads. 

With DynamicWeb Commerce Suite WorldEmp was able to overcome their challenges and meet their requirements. 

The result

How WorldEmp Achieved a Future-Proof Website through Expertise

Through clear communication, a combination of the right expertise and a proactive attitude from both parties, WorldEmp has a future-proof website that matches their wishes. 

Within this platform, WorldEmp has a powerful CMS and advances marketing tools, which support lead generation. In this way, WorldEmp's site is optimized to achieve conversion. 

In WorldEmp's new platform, the visitor is directed to a relevant profile as quickly as possible. A clear filter function, which allows the visitor to indicate preferences in terms of industry, function and specialties. The eCommerce functionalities within DynamicWeb made this possible. 

The platform offers a user-friendly and filterable resumes function, which makes it easy for the visitor to find the right professional. 


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