Revving up customer engagement: how Winnebago transformed its digital presence with DynamicWeb

With integrated CMS and PIM solutions, DynamicWeb helped Winnebago transform its website with immersive digital experiences that offered a smooth, enjoyable online shopping and brand experience. By partnering with DynamicWeb, Winnebago has built a digital presence as adventurous as their RVs.

The Challenge

Shifting from in-person to online customer experiences, accelerated by lockdowns

Winnebago has long been recognized as a leader in the RV space, and for all practical purposes synonymous with the category. While RV demand skyrocketed during COVID-19, lockdowns prevented in-person events where most customers would traditionally experience Winnebago products. Winnebago knew they needed to deliver an interactive online experience so they could meet their customers where they were now spending their time. They wanted product videos showing RVs conquering tough terrain, interactive tours that brought their RVs to life and ways for customers to experience their vehicles digitally.

They needed a partner who could help transform their web presence – and bring their spirit of adventure to life online.

The Solution

Partnering with DynamicWeb to modernize and redefine their online presence

A modern foundation for innovation

Winnebago implemented the DynamicWeb CMS to build a completely new, mobile-friendly website, optimized for speed and engagement. With robust content management capabilities, they could now add products, update content, and make design changes without relying on IT or developers. The intuitive DynamicWeb interface empowered Winnebago’s marketers to take ownership of their website.

Centralized Product Information Management

The DynamicWeb PIM provides a centralized hub to manage and distribute Winnebago’s product information across channels and touchpoints. Winnebago can store product details like specs, manuals, videos, and 360° imagery in one place and seamlessly syndicate it to their website, mobile apps, dealership networks, and other digital channels. With up-to-date product data everywhere customers interact with the brand, Winnebago could deliver a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

Bringing customer experiences online

Leveraging DynamicWeb’s flexible architecture, Winnebago has created digital experiences to mimic the real-world experience of touring a Winnebago RV:

  • Interactive 3D tours let customers explore RV interiors in 360° as if walking through a dealership model
  • Smart questionnaires recommend the perfect RV based on each customer's needs, preferences, and lifestyle
  • Custom product configurators allow customers to customize finishes, fabrics, and features to create their dream RV

Showstopping Virtual Launches

With people seeking outdoor experiences and RV sales surging during the COVID-19 pandemic, Winnebago wanted a way to capture customer demand. By partnering with DynamicWeb, Winnebago developed virtual product launches to drive consumer engagement. DynamicWeb's platform allowed Winnebago to create attractive, high-converting teaser pages with countdowns building up to the reveal of new products at regular intervals.

On launch days, custom videos and DynamicWeb's robust hosting platform deliver engaging livestreamed events to over 7,000 concurrent viewers – for a 7X increase in average site traffic and a gain of over 4,000 net new contacts. These virtual launches create significant anticipation and excitement pre-event, and help Winnebago maintain engagement with dealers and customers during a challenging time.

The Result

Innovative and engaging brand experiences that boost customer and dealership engagement

Seamless omnichannel experiences

By centralizing product information with DynamicWeb PIM, Winnebago can now deliver a consistent, unified experience across every touchpoint – regardless of whether customers are on the website, on their smartphone, or in a dealership.

Unbridled agility and faster execution

With DynamicWeb’s intuitive CMS, Winnebago has the flexibility they need to tailor their online experiences to their customers’ needs. By speeding up the process of creating new content, they achieved a much faster time to market for new products and campaigns.

An innovative online brand

Winnebago now offers virtual product launches with attractive, interactive vehicle pages, and engaging content that reflects their pioneering and innovative brand identity. With a digital presence that matches the spirit of their brand, Winnebago is engaging customers online with an experience that mirror the excitement of stepping into a Winnebago RV.

Revenue-driving digital experiences

Winnebago’s immersive digital experiences drove measurable results:

  • 7000+ customers signed up for launch date reminders
  • 5000+ pre-registrations for new product launches
  • 124% increase in site traffic during launches
  • 250K+ visits for virtual product launches
  • 235K+ YouTube views of launch video

With a 13.3% increase in website engagement and a 436% year-over-year increase in leads, Winnebago staked their claim as RV trailblazers for a new era.


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