Toi-Toys achieves lightning fast, scalable product management with DynamicWeb

With DynamicWeb CMS and PIM, Toi-Toys is able to quickly add new product information, provide greater support to sales and marketing teams, all while remaining compliant with industry laws and regulations.

Toi-Toys International is the leading supplier of accessible and safe toys that supply toys to chain stores, wholesalers, retailers and catering establishments in over 40 countries within but also far beyond Europe.

The Challenge

Previously relying on outdated CMS to manage product information

For years, the company has relied upon its outdated Magento system to manage products, but even simple tasks, such as adding relevant product specifications, had become increasingly inefficient and time-consuming.

To regain control of its product management, Toi-Toys opted for DynamicWeb’s advanced solution.

With DynamicWeb’s simple and powerful platform, Toi-Toys is able to quickly add new product information, provide greater support to sales and marketing teams, all while remaining compliant with industry laws and regulations. Bart Daams, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Manager, explains why DynamicWeb was the right choice for Toi-Toys.

The Solution

Looking for a reliable PIM system

Toi-Toys' Magento system was outdated so the company had been looking for a reliable PIM system for quite some time; but new legislation made the decision even more urgent. The new rules required Toi-Toys to include additional product information, but the old system simply couldn't handle it. Changing to a new system was both a necessity and a legal requirement.

During Toi-Toy's research, they considered many solutions but none of them could really meet their requirements; they either didn’t offer the crucial functionality we needed or were simply too expensive. Toi-Toys were at the point of considering one of the vendors that they had previously ruled out, when a colleague came across DynamicWeb and we realised that it offered exactly what they were looking for.

DynamicWeb would Toi-Toy to add and manage product specifications quickly and easily, at scale and at a highly competitive cost. When expressed an interest in the platform, a DynamicWeb representative travelled from Denmark, in person, to meet with Toi-Toy resulting in the best possible solution, at the right price with great customer service. It was a great start to the partnership.

One of the key requirements, when looking for a new solution, was a flexible database which would enable Toi-Toys to quickly add new product information and specifications, then share them with their clients. The platform offers exactly what they hoped for and Toi-Toys can add and share new product information with clients easily, without relying on IT teams. Not only does this save valuable time, but it lowers the IT burden and gives Toi-Toys a huge competitive advantage

We are very satisfied with Dynamicweb. It has been a win-win outcome for us, since it provides all of the functionality we need, and a reasonable price – and with the opportunity to scale with the business. We’re impressed with the speed at which the system operates, and excited by the extensive capabilities it offers, beyond our initial requirements; which will enable us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. On top of all this, the support we’ve received from the Dynamicweb team has been excellent and enabled us to get the most value from the platform.

The Result

Toi-Toys' products are now significantly easier to find online because the product information management directly influences Toi-Toys SEO

This has huge business implications because online findability and visibility are paramount nowadays.

Adding product information also provides the opportunity to enhance the customer experience and understanding of Toi-Toys' products.

Furthermore, the speed and responsiveness of the system is outstanding and enable Toi-Toys to share information with their B2B customers extremely quickly. Many of their customers are active in online marketplaces such as Amazon and, so the ability to keep their product listings up-to-date is crucial – DynamicWeb not only makes this possible, it makes it easy.


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