A website & webshop for a Dutch soccer club realized within two months

Telstar is the soccer club of tough men and firm women. Telstar plays in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie and goes by the name the White Lions. The club is characterized by its individuality and togetherness. No one is more important than the club and anyone with a good heart is welcome.

The challenge

Unveiling a Modern and Dynamic Website to Showcase Club Growth

Telstar's website was outdated and no longer a worthy showpiece for the club. Telstar is growing considerably, both on and off the field. A new website was also part of this growth.

A new platform that meets modern requirements, is an extension of the activities on and around the field and a showcase for the club. That was the approach in the realization of Telstar's new website.  

A few of the requirements:

  • A compact and clear platform;
  • An appearance matching the identity;
  • A Fanshop for merchandise;
  • Strong product detail pages;
  • A ‘My Telstar’ environment for fans;
  • An extensive blog/news feature to keep fans up-to-date;
  • Ways to boost the online marketing effect;
  • E-mail marketing opportunities within the platform.
The solution

DynamicWeb Commerce Suite with Customer Engagement through e-mail marketing

The DynamicWeb Commerce suite offers Telstar a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of their eCommerce operations. This suite is designed to streamline and enhance the online shopping experience, providing Telstar with a powerful tool to effectively manage their digital storefront. 

One key feature of the DynamicWeb Commerce Suite is its e-mail marketing capabilties. Telstar can leverage this functionality to run targeted and personalized email campaigns. By utilizing customer data and preferences stored within the suite, Telstar can send tailored promotional messages, product recommendations, and exclusive offers to their customers. This not only keeps their fans informed about the latest products and updates but also helps to nurture customer relationships and encourage repeat business.

The result

A Modern Website and B2C Webshop

The different target groups of Telstar were researched, identified and included. The website is not only aimed at fans, but also at the business market/potential sponsors. 

In addition, the webshop has been given a new look so that all supporters, national and international, can make their White Lion-heart beat faster and purchase merchandise.

Telstar now has a modern website and webshop on which you find everything from and about Telstar.


B2C, CMS and eCommerce


The Netherlands



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