RIDGID Kollmann

A B2B webshop for RIDGIDKollmann.com which serves as a blueprint for other KOKS brands.

RIDGID Kollmann is part of KOKS Group. After the successful launch of the KOKS Corporate websites, they continued to work.

RIDGID Kollmann is founded in 1923 and based in The Netherlands and Belgium. RIDGID Kollmann is part of KOKS Group. RIDGID Kollmann provides products for sewer specialists, plumbers, installers, roofers and leak detection companies. Online in their webshop and offline in their experience centers located in The Netherlands and Belgium. 

The challenge

RIDGIG Kollmann is part of Koks Group. In the past, the KOKS Corporate website was succesfully launched with the use of DynamicWeb. Each domain has the possibility to create their unique layout using their own content within the central master website of KOKS Group. To grow this successful cooperation, we got the chance to realize the webshops of KOKS Group. Starting with the RIDGID Kollmann webshop. 


The solution

The implementation of the DynamicWeb Commerce Suite by our partner Bluedeks has significantly streamlined the online presence of RIDGIG Kollmann. The suite's versatile features have empowered Bluedesk to seamlessly integrate the webshop into the same platform used for RIDGIG Kollmann's corporate site. This strategic decision not only enhances the overall consistency of their online brand but also brings forth several practical advantages. 

By consolidating the corporate site and webshop on a unified platform, RIDGIG Kollmann can now benefit from a centralized management system

The result

After the release, the webshop RIDGIDKollmann.com became the blueprint for other shops we’re going to develop for KOKS Group. This solution is not only cost efficient for KOKS Group, but also gives us the opportunity to release the future KOKS Group-webshops in a short leadtime. 

In this way KOKS Group can expand the online market leadership rapidly and increase competitive advantage. 


B2B, CMS and eCommerce


The Netherlands



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