A Website that Meets Today's Modern Expectations

NH1816 Verzekeringen, a Dutch insurances company, uses the DynamicWeb Commerce Suite.

For nearly 200 years, NH1816 has been insuring home and hearth of Dutch people. NH1816 is the best non-life insurer in the Netherlands for many years now.

They are specialists in private indemnity insurance. You can properly insure your valuable possessions at NH1816 such as your house, car, contents, bicycle, caravan, boat or motorcycle. 

The challenge

A User-Centric Approach with DynamicWeb

The goal for the new website was to bring consumers and advisors closer together. DynamicWeb commerce suite offers NH1816 a unique opportunity to enhance their online presence and improve user experience by optimizing the functionalities of their website. The aim is to elevate NH1816's digital capabilities and ensure a more seamless interaction with their audience.

One key aspect of this optimization process involved refining the user interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. The website needed to be visually appealing and navigable layout, ensuring that visitors could easily access information and navigate through different sections of the website. 

NH1816 wants a modern platform, with some requirements: 

  • A compact and clear platform that meets today’s demands.
  • A modernization of the existing functionalities.
  • An optimization based on the accessibility requirements of the central government.
  • A user-friendly filter-function to search for advisors.
  • A page per advisor with more information about the individual advisor.
  • The possibility for advisors to register as a Nh1816 advisor.
The solution

A Flexible and Innovative Online Platform

NH1816 is committed, personal and digital. NH1816 is flexible and innovative and can quickly adapt to changing circumstances and demand. To make sure the online platform of the insurance company matched the company’s characteristics. 

For example, there is now the ability to easily search for a consultant on the website based on your location. In addition, all information can be found about prolongation and prolongation history.

The website has also been optimized based on the accessibility requirements of the central government. This means that all pages are easy to read and view for all target groups in the Netherlands. This therefore includes people with one or more disabilities, such as low vision or low literacy.

The result

Putting Advisors at the Center of the Digital Experience

The website now looks fresh and meets today's modern demands. 

Through this website, the advisor is even more central, which fits well within the strategy of NH1816. Consumers can search for advisors in their own region by entering their address.

A Google Maps map shows the NH1816 intermediaries in the vicinity of the address entered. They can also click on an adviser after which additional information about the adviser is offered.

Advisors can use the new corporate website to gain insight into NH1816's proposition and register as a NH1816 advisor. In addition, each advisor has their own personal profile page, allowing them to get in touch with consumers even faster. 


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