Natur Drogeriet

User-friendly B2B webshop with DynamicWeb PIM

Discover the reimagined Natur Drogeriet website, now seamlessly integrated for personalized discounts and a modern, intuitive shopping journey.

Natur Drogeriet has been producing and selling health products and supplements for the whole family since 1945. Today, the company offers a wide range of natural medicines such as herbs, foods, supplements, teas, soaps and ointments.

With 1200 different item numbers, Natur Drogeriet has Denmark's largest range of health food and herbal products, which the company sells to selected retail stores in over 60 different countries.

The challenge

Transforming Natur Drogeriet's Digital Presence

Natur Drogeriet was challenged with their current website and webshop, which no longer met their needs. The company wanted a new solution that could handle the complexity of the many products and different customers - and chose Skabertrang to deliver this solution.

Skabertrang could offer experience and skills as a certified Premium DynamicWeb partner and could also offer Natur Drogeriet a process built on trust and a willingness to "put their hand on the hob" in terms of price and requirements specification.

The solution

Optimizing Natur Drogeriet's Product Information with DynamicWeb PIM

The new webshop solution includes DynamicWeb PIM, which integrates Natur Drogeriet's current ERP systems with the new platform and creates a hub for the company's large amount of data.

With DynamicWeb PIM, Natur Drogeriet's product information is collected, enriched and efficiently distributed to the relevant channels on the webshop. The PIM system thus streamlines Natur Drogeriet's internal processes and makes it faster and easier to get the relevant information about the company's many product numbers for e.g. larger product catalogs or unique price lists.

The result

The result was a new user-friendly B2B webshop with intuitive operation

Natur Drogeriet's customers are offered a simpler shopping process and now have the opportunity to see personalized discounts and special prices via live integration between Natur Drogeriet's ERP system and the webshop.

With the new website, Skabertrang has created a new universe with a more modern and contemporary look that is based on Natur Drogeriet's DNA. The focus was on natural health, well-being and the properties of the products.  

A very simple and unambiguous navigation creates an overview of the website's content, and new pictograms have made it possible to present Natur Drogeriet's many products not only by product category, but also by the functions and properties of the various products.


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