Mendola Fabrics

DynamicWeb All-in-One solution integrated with Microsoft NAV

Mendola Fabrics replaced their outdated Magento solution with a new DynamicWeb All-in-One solution, including PIM, integrated with their ERP system and streamlining workflows. The solution improved customer experience, increased orders by 40%, and drove business growth.

Deco Center, a member of the Mendola Investment Group founded in 1994, started as a family business. Through the reference brand, Mendola Fabrics, it aims to become one of the leading players on the European market in the next 10 years, offering differentiated ranges and collections of curățim fabrics that cater to local markets.

The Challenge

Integrating Microsoft NAV with the new solution was essential to enable streamlined order processing

The company realized that its current Magento version was no longer able to keep up with its changing needs, so it began looking for new digital solutions. Integrating the ERP system, Microsoft NAV, with the website was essential to enable streamlined order processing and real-time inventory updates.

Moreover, the company aimed to reorganize its internal workflows to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The existing “one-man-show” approach led to various bottlenecks and accountability issues and they wanted a more efficient workflow that would distribute tasks effectively, foster collaboration, and encourage shared responsibility among departments and individuals.

The Solution

Empowering B2B Operations: Tailored DynamicWeb Solution Boosts Product Management and eCommerce Capabilities

The company found the perfect solution to meet its requirements with the DynamicWeb All-in-One solution that can be seamlessly integrated into its ERP system, MS Dynamics NAV. This comprehensive solution included key features such as Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management System (CMS), publishing of PDF catalogs,  and 3rd party integrations through feeds and APIs.

Tailored to their B2B operations in their specific industry, the DynamicWeb All-in-One solution was customized to meet their unique requirements. These customizations allowed for efficient product management using the PIM module and catered to their B2B customers’ needs using the power of the eCommerce module.

The collaboration has expanded beyond the initial launch, with ongoing projects and ongoing development to ensure the solution is optimized and aligned with the evolving needs of the business.

The Result

40% increase in the number of orders

As shared by our partners, the implementation of the solution had a significant impact on both their customers and colleagues, resulting in positive outcomes.

For customers, the solution brought a range of benefits. They experienced a fresher and more appealing design, accompanied by a wealth of additional information and an increased number of images, enriching their overall online experience. The whole experience was more engaging and interactive, with new payment methods which offer a greater convenience and flexibility.

The solution also had a transformative effect on employees within the company. They are now using a more sophisticated tool that changes their daily activities, enabling them to efficiently manage their tasks and introducing the ability to share specific tasks and assign them to individuals or groups. Moreover, certain processes, such as creating digital catalogs or product feeds, were automated, freeing up valuable time and resources.

When it comes to numbers, following the implementation, there was a notable 40% increase in the number of orders, highlighting the effectiveness of the solution in driving business growth and capturing customer engagement.


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