B2B DynamicWeb eCommerce solution generates more online orders and less manual work for customers, sellers and support staff

The heart of the solution is a user friendly ecommerce experience that makes it easy to find and order from the 10s of thousands air filter products that Mann+Hummel offer in each country.

Mann+Hummel is a global company with 20 000+ employees at over 80 locations. A major business area is Industrial air filters, where the new B2B eCommerce solution is used on an international scale.

The Challenge

The customers for Industrial air filters are real estate owners and real estate service companies. Usually, one customer has many buildings that they periodically need to purchase air filters for.

Mann+Hummel helps customers examine their buildings and compile complete inventory lists of air filter positions and needs in each building. These lists are then used when ordering replacements for worn-out air filters. The inventory of buildings and ordering process has involved a lot of manual, time-consuming work with pen, paper, and phone. Human mistakes in the information have been common and led to errors in orders and frustration.

Mann+Hummel needed a solution that would digitize, automate and secure these processes. The goals was primarily to save costs through more efficient work and online orders. Secondarily to increase the customer service level and sales.

The Solution

Mann+Hummel decided to use DynamicWeb All-in-One Business platform as the foundation for the new solution. The heart of the solution is a user-friendly eCommerce experience that makes it easy to find and order from the 10s of thousands air filter products that Mann+Hummel offer in each country.

On top of that a highly customized online tool was created for handling inventory lists of air filters per building. Customers, sellers and support staff can easily collaborate when it comes to compiling and updating the lists.

The tool has a lot of intelligence that verify list quality and completeness and help users by visually indicating if something needs their attention. Customer specific price quotes in nice looking PDF format are available in real time. Order placement from the inventory lists is done very quickly and with full control.

The solution is highly integrated to Mann Hummels ERP system Dynamics AX. For example there is real-time calculation of customer specific prices, real-time order placement and full sync of articles, customers, users and inventory lists.

The Result

The solution has helped streamline Mann+Hummels work processes greatly. Time is saved both internally at Mann+Hummel and for the customers. The quality of inventory lists is higher and there are less errors in orders.

In the countries where the new solution has been launched online orders has increased from almost none to most of the orders being placed online.

The solution has been launched in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. And more countries are under way.

Its reported that all user groups - customers, sellers, support staff - are very pleased with the solution and that it facilitates their work.


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