Laks & Vilt

Headless B2B eCommerce with customer portal and integration to Microsoft D365

Laks & Vilt had an outdated website that did not live up to the modern market. Therefore, together with Mennt it was decided to make a headless solution with eCommerce from DynamicWeb and with integration to Dynamics 365.

For 100 years, Laks & Vilt has delivered fresh fish and seafood to leading restaurants, eateries, sushi restaurants and large households in the Oslo region of Norway. They also supply gourmet specialities in meat, berries and dry goods. Laks-& Vildtcentralen has been a wholesaler in the Lerøy Seafood Group since 2006.


Their previous website was outdated and did not live up to the modern market, and it was definitely not mobile-friendly, so customers were ordering by phone.

The proportion of orders placed by phone was very time consuming. This created a lot of manual and inefficient work for the sales force. It was difficult to search for the product and all this together, made the customers call in with their orders. The reason why customers preferred to order by phone was that the online ordering process was not informative enough and the risk of error was too high.

Another challenge was that customers usually ordered between 9 pm and 6 am to get the freshest possible product. Laks & Vilt wanted to increase the conversion rate for both existing and new customers by offering a user-friendly and intuitive eCommerce.


Laks & Vilt's B2B portal is built Headless with DynamicWeb Commerce Suite - tightly integrated with Dynamics 365

Mennt interviewed Laks & Vilt's customers to ensure what they really needed to facilitate their everyday life. This gave Mennt very good information about how the solution should be adapted to facilitate the customers in their everyday lives. It was important that it was user-friendly and easy to order.

Therefore, they started by designing the mobile version first. In the end, the customer chose a headless solution to get as much design freedom and functionality as possible.

Customers can now log in via the customer portal and see their individual prices and quantity discounts, favourite lists, and they can place recurring orders and get an overview of their orders and invoices.

The new eCommerce solution offers a much improved user experience that saves both customers and the sales force at Laks & Vilt a lot of manual work and time.

For the salespeople, there is now a collaboration tool where they can go in and assume or "impersonate" the identity of their customer, which gives them the opportunity to prepare order proposals for the customer or answer questions about the order the customer is working on.

The integration to Microsoft D365 has streamlined the workflow as a lot of manual work has been removed.


Headless B2B eCommerce with customer portal and integration to Microsoft D365

Together with Laks & Vilt, Mennt has created a fantastic digital platform by using DynamicWeb Commerce Suite and there are countless opportunities for further development.

Not least, they have received good feedback from customers who have really embraced the new customer portal because it makes their everyday lives so much easier.

In the last 6 months, 50-60 customers have tested the functions and some adjustments have been made during that period. 


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