KD Emballage

Optimizing product data management at KD Emballage

DynamicWeb PIM centralizes product data, making it easy to update and navigate through the information. This increases efficiency and minimizes manual processes.

KD Emballage is a Danish-owned company that offers a wide and deep range of packaging solutions. This enables them to tailor complete solutions to meet their customers' needs.

The challenge

KD Emballage wanted to improve the handling of their extensive product data. Their existing system was not sufficient to manage the complex product information efficiently, resulting in slow updates. This created challenges both internally and online. 

The solution

A DynamicWeb PIM system was the solution for KD Emballage. The PIM system centralizes and organizes all product data, eliminating the previous problems with data management. The new implemented PIM system offers features such as automated updates, improved data consistency, and the ability to filter and enrich product data.

The result

The PIM system has significantly improved KD Emballage's ability to manage and enrich their product data. They can now easily log in, update information, and filter data on their website, making the process both faster and more intuitive. Additionally, the implementation of the PIM system has minimized manual processes, freeing up time for employees to focus on more value-adding tasks.







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