B2B e-commerce solution with CMS, PIM, customer portal and integration with Navision.

Both customers and employees have found that the e-commerce solution has made their everyday life easier. All customers who have shopped online once - have also continued to shop online. Customers such as the fire brigade or police who work shifts and around the clock can order when they are at work and discover that they need a spare part or extra mask.

Interspiro is a producer of advanced and high quality respiratory protection and has for more than 100 years supplied primarily to fire brigades, military, police but also shipping and industry.


When the old CMS system stopped working, Interspiro had to switch to a new one.

Interspiro's requirements were that it should be a system with eCommerce capabilities and that could be integrated with Navision.

Interspiro has a name and a history they cherish, so moving from manual order entry to eCommerce without compromising their brand made it a challenge due to the high demands of Interspiro on their new system. But when their old CMS system stopped working, they had to switch to a new one. In addition to the high demands on the system, they also wanted to find a solution and a company that matched them and at the same time understood their challenges. Not only the complexity of the products, but also the requirements of their customers.

Interspiro's requirements were that it should be a system with the possibility of eCommerce and that could be integrated with Navision. They compared other alternatives but chose to go ahead with DynamicWeb's solution as it best matched the needs of integration with Navision and the technical complexity.

In addition, DynamicWeb had extensive experience of integration with Navision. This was of great importance as Interspiro has rather long and complicated descriptions of their products and many different product variants. The goal was to be able to offer their customers the opportunity to shop at the times that suited them. But also to create an overview for the customers about which products they have bought and which spare parts are suitable.

The lifespan of this sophisticated equipment is between 10 and 20 years and due to the high safety requirements, customers and Interspiro needed an easy and clear overview of all their products and their service times.

Another challenge was their complex price and discount structure. Previously, each individual salesperson was responsible for their customers' prices and discounts, and they had to enter them manually on the invoice. Employees previously spent a lot of time receiving and processing orders from both customers and distributors.


Interspiro chose to implement the CMS with integration to Navision and eCommerce solution themselves, without a partner.

This required close cooperation with the developers at DynamicWeb and in 2021 the first pilot customers were invited to shop in the new eCommerce solution. The requirement for these customers was that they would shop quite frequently.

While these customers were shopping and placing real orders, Interspiro was testing together with DynamicWeb's developers, and it was incredibly important for Interspiro to have a 100% open dialog with them. There were no technical breakdowns, but together they were able to continuously adapt the way of ordering to match the customer's needs.

One example is Storstockholms Brandförsvar, which has 16 fire stations and ten rescue services - they needed to be able to order at any time. Then the invoice would be sent to one place, but products would be labeled with name and address labels because different orders should be sent to different stations, places and people.

Interspiro managed to create a simple and customized check-out for the customer. At the same time, the customer now has an overview of their products and can easily order spare parts.

My vision is that customers should not only choose Interspiro because we have the best products, but just as much for the added value we can create with digital services. The website with services such as e-learning, mailing and case registration is, together with eCommerce, absolutely central in this context.

With technically complex products and long product life cycles, we place high demands on the technical solution. With independent IT experts, we have evaluated that DynamicWeb can deliver what we need now and in the coming years. This, together with our experience so far with DynamicWeb, makes us confident in our choice of platform.


All customers who have shopped online once - have also continued to shop online.

Both customers and employees have experienced how the eCommerce solution has made their everyday life easier.

Customers such as firefighters or police officers who work shifts and around the clock can order when they are at work and find they need a spare part or extra mask.

In the past, they sometimes had to wait until the next time they were at work, which caused extra inconvenience for the customer and also a higher risk of forgetting or not being able to deliver. A big advantage now is that customers can immediately follow their order and be updated on the delivery time. They now quickly receive an order confirmation.

From the beginning, Interspiro has been very clear that they did not want to reduce the number of employees but instead free up time to give them the opportunity to create added value for customers. Now they feel that orders are coming in even at midsummer and Christmas, customers are satisfied because they have the flexibility to order when they are on call and employees have more time for other tasks.


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