Innovation Living

A global brand site with PIM and 3D visualization

The DynamicWeb CMS solution with PIM was the right decision that resulted in a high-end web solution built within a reasonable budget.

Innovation Living is a Danish furniture company built on the proud Danish tradition of furniture design. Innovation Living is one of the leading manufacturers of sofa beds. A global player with a strong brand and unique position in the market.

The Challenge

The immediate need was a brand site in a modern design that could present the complete product range. Innovation Living has a wide range of product parts and has until now not been able to present the full range.

Hence, they needed a new content website that not only was able to display the products in an aesthetic layout that supported the brand, but also a site to make it easy for distributors and customers to view products and thereby support eCommerce.

The Solution

The solution contains a PIM in DynamicWeb with a full range and a rich dataset. The PIM system makes it easy to take control of their extensive product information. With the DynamicWeb PIM, Innovation Living now has flexible data structures to support data quality and enrichment.

Furthermore, the solution is built using Cylindo which provides complete rendering of all products in all colors and upholstery types. This means, that the visitor can see their new sofa in their favorite color and textile, and even have a 360-degree overview of the product using the 3D visualization function. This is a completely new way of presenting Innovation Livings products.

The Result

For the first time, Innovation Living can present a full product range for both distributors and customers. The complete assortment is automatically generated from PIM and with the new brand site, the products are shown in a user-friendly and aesthetic design that supports the company brand.

Today, the website of Innovation Living is developed into a global brand site with PIM and 3D visualization to present the products in the best way possible. The expectations are high, and the effect of the new brand site is aimed to support Innovation Living’s eCommerce and increase sales.

The project was big and complex, but with the right solutions and decisions, Innovation Living now has a high-end solution built within a reasonable budget. The solution is a strong foundation for further digitization.


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