H-Vinduet Fjerdingstad

B2B eCommerce with Dynamics AX and product configuration

A new B2B eCommerce portal, integrated with important third party systems like AX and Optiwin, empowered distributors and retailers with a streamlined ordering process, including custom product configuration and automated ordering.

H-Vinduet Fjerdingstad is a large scale doors and window manufactor founded in 1949 selling to the Scandinavian market and well known for their high quality products.

The Challenge

Adapting to B2B customers' expectations

Fjerdingstad is evolving alongside with their customers. A definitive B2B challenge arose some time ago, as their customers, who are professional distributors and retailers, suddenly started to show a strong expectation for a fully functional webshop portal.

The retailers wanted to show Fjerdingstad products to their end-customer in a new and more modern way. They wanted show configuration and possibilities for colours and design, administrate prices, campaigns and discounts, do quotas, set orders and show availability, all in the same solution. The vision was a holistic solution, that could help the company grow and evolve in years to come.

The Solution

Implementing B2B extranet for professional distributors

The new solution comprises specially designed webpages featuring a B2B extranet tailored for professional distributors. It includes a top-of-the-line visual configurator seamlessly integrated with the third-party solution Optiwin. Furthermore, the solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, and there is a two-way integration between parts of the CMS, digital marketing function in DynamicWeb, and Microsoft CRM Online.

The solution by DynamicWeb integrated with important third party systems like AX and Optiwin, will take us to a new and higher level, in terms of presenting and selling our products online. We see a bright future ahead through our quality windows!

Hilde Guneriussen, Marketing Coordinator - H-Vinduet Fjerdingstad
The Result

Enhanced ordering flow with custom product configuration

As a result of these improvements, the B2B eCommerce portal has streamlined the entire procurement process, allowing distributors and retailers to tailor product configurations to their specific needs. The introduction of automated ordering processes has significantly increased efficiency, enabling swift and accurate transactions.

With the added convenience of 24-hour self-service capabilities, businesses can now manage orders, obtain quotes, and access unique pricing and discounts at any time, enhancing overall operational flexibility and customer satisfaction. The portal's success lies in its ability to cater to the diverse and dynamic requirements of distributors and retailers, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience in the ever-evolving B2B landscape.


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