Foria strengthens their digital business with DynamicWeb Swift

Discover how Foria, one of Sweden's leading transportation and machine service companies, transformed their digital presence with DynamicWeb Swift. By modernizing their user experience and streamlining sales and order processes, Foria now offers a seamless and efficient service to both existing and potential customers.

Foria is one of Sweden's largest transportation and machine service companies. They operate in the service areas of construction, logistics and environment, creating the conditions for a total solution with over 500 different combinations of vehicles and machines to solve customer needs.

The challenge

With a wide range of services, Foria needed a solution that could modernize the user experience and adapt it to customer needs. In addition, Foria wanted a unified solution that could effectively serve both existing and potential customers to simplify sales and order processes to streamline the company's processes and free up resources through this digitalization.

The solution

With DynamicWeb Swift, Foria has a new website that is not only user-friendly, but also customizable to customer needs. It is easy and clear for customers to find relevant information about their specific products. With the intuitive visual editor, Foria's editors can quickly update and customize the website as needed, resulting in a more dynamic website that benefits both existing and potential customers.

The result

Foria has seen that digitalization has the potential to free up resources! With their new website, where customers can log in and view all previous and new orders, Foria optimizes and streamlines sales and order processes internally, allowing the company to focus on future growth.








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