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Global Eva Solo future-proofs with international brand shop in Swift

A globally recognized brand with innovative design products, operating in over 50 countries, display a dynamic international brand shop platform for inspiring purchases and seamless webshop experience.

Eva Solo is a fourth-generation Danish family business that specializes in developing and selling innovative and functional home products. While the company was initially known for its kitchen equipment, it now offers high-quality products for every room in the house.

The Challenge

Online inspiration source and webshop

Eva Solo's global impact and the journey to a seamless brand shop experience

Eva Solo is a well-known brand with products sold in over 50 countries. Many people use the company's award-winning designs daily, both in the kitchen and throughout their homes. Eva Solo desired a platform that could serve as a robust international brand shop. The website aims to inspire visitors to make purchases from the numerous retailers that offer Eva Solo products. They wanted to make it easy for consumers to purchase directly from the webshop.

The Solution

Branding and eCommerce requires a solid platform

Tailored functionality, visual appeal, and budget-friendly flexibility.

Eva Solo's new website is based on a standard DynamicWeb solution. The minimally customised solution offers a reliable functionality and a visually appealing design that supports the company's brand narrative. The solution's flexible features allow Eva Solo to avoid allocating extensive budgets and development time for each adjustment to themes and other elements.

The Result

Website with a high degree of usability

Eva Solo's new website is a beautiful and functional omnichannel website that meets the needs of both visitors and the company. The web design is therefore based on three core values in Eva Solo's brand DNA: aesthetics, simplicity and

Eva Solo's new website is a beautiful and functional omnichannel website that meets the needs of both visitors and the company. The web design is based on Eva Solo's brand DNA, which includes aesthetics, simplicity, functionality, and business acumen. The design elegantly balances branding and commerce, with environmental images and entry points that lead visitors from inspiration to product information and purchase.

The website not only strengthens Eva Solo's omnichannel strategy by supporting retailers' sales efforts but also acts as an effective sales channel. Ease of use is paramount, making it as easy for visitors as it is for Eva Solo's sales and marketing team to navigate and use the system in their daily work.


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