Scalable and user-friendly webshop with a standardized PIM system

Embacollage has a dedicated passion for designing and developing advanced packaging solutions and continuously strives to challenge conventional boundaries. This commitment is reflected in the creation of a creative universe of exclusive packaging solutions that are presented as trends and inspiration for customers.

The challenge

Embacollage's ERP Upgrade: Driving Growth with a Multilingual Webshop

Embacollage wanted a new and upgraded ERP system. This included a customer portal where customers could log in to view special prices.  There were a number of specific challenges for Embacollage. The goal was clear, Embacollage wanted: 

  • An ERP system that could effectively support their future growth and needs.
  • A webshop with features such as a shipping calculator and online payment options.
  • A system that can centralize and manage product information across different languages and channels.
  • A scalable and user-friendly webshop.
The solution

Empowering Embacollage's Digital Evolution with DynamicWeb

Embacollage has a growth-oriented strategy, but was hampered by legacy systems and lack of digitalization. The solution was a standardized PIM and eCommerce platform across languages (Danish, English and German).

The goal was also to enable inventory management and variant management and implement a payment solution for the webshop. With this solution, Embacollage has also been able to integrate with their existing systems, which contributes to a smoother workflow and customer experience. 

DynamicWeb's scalability will enable the addition of more features and extensions in the future, such as newsletter management, product feeds to external portals and marketplaces, as well as data sheet generation and catalog production. 

All their product information is now in one place that can be managed in multiple languages and distributed to different channels.

The result

Empowering Growth

DynamicWeb offers a comprehensive solution that addresses Embacollage's challenges and supports their growth ambitions through an integrated and scalable digital platform.

Overall, this solution has helped Embacollage improve their digital presence, streamline their work processes and strengthen their opportunities for future expansion and growth.


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