Erhvervs Akademi Midtvest

An intuitive and scalable website that makes it easy to get an overview

EAMV is pleased with its user-friendly website, which supports their daily information and recruitment work.

EAMV stands for Erhvervs Akademi Midtvest and is located in Jutland's Herning, Holstebro, and Skjern. The academy was founded in 2009 and today offers 15 higher education programs and 19 continuing education programs. 

The Challenge

In these years, both the labour market and educational institutions are challenged by the fact that there are too few hands in Denmark. Therefore, it was important for EAMV that the new website communicated directly to study-ready young people. And to make it easy for them to find related content about the Academy's educational offerings, so they would choose EAMV. 

The Solution

Skabertrang was chosen as a partner for the new website. Over the years, we have helped the client with many other communication tasks, such as copywriting, SEO, email marketing, graphic design, and brochure printing. 

As a DynamicWeb Premium solution partner, we knew that DynamicWeb was the right CMS for EAMV's needs. Here we could create a long-term, scalable web solution, so EAMV could, for example, expand the website over time with more content about their programs, etc.

Skabertrang created a web design in a cheerful style and tone. We focused on the front page being a clear entry portal for potential students, where there is something to "explore". The home page is particularly aimed at those who are curious about what EAMV is and can offer, while the more targeted can find their way via the mega menu. 

It was also important that the visitor was presented with the chosen course content, duration, structure, location, and outcomes in a clear and consistent way with just a few clicks. 

The Result

The thorough preparatory work was key to EAMV achieving a well-functioning solution. In addition to web design and programming, Skabertrang helped with the setup and editing of the content on the website.

EAMV is delighted with their user-friendly website, which supports their daily information and recruitment work.


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