Mobile First solution with 15+ inspiring consumer sites for the European market including visual editor for more efficient and consistent editorial work

Dansukker completed a comprehensive digital transformation to improve the customer experience across 15 European markets.

Dansukker, a leading sugar product manufacturer in the Nordic and Baltic regions, stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation. Serving approximately 30 million consumers, their diverse product range reflects their dedication to meeting the needs of a broad audience.

The challenge

Modernization of Dansukker's recipe bank and user experience

Dansukker needed a more modern solution to strengthen its digital communication across 15 european markets.

With a customer base of 30 million consumers, it was particularly important that the solution met customer requirements in terms of design, user experience and functionality. As a large part of the traffic comes from mobile devices, it was crucial for Dansukker that the solution was responsive, scalable and stable across devices. In addition, they wanted to replace an older mobile app for recipes with a more modern solution. The recipe bank, which is the most important part of communication with consumers, needed to be modernized in terms of structure, searchability and design.

The solution

Improved User Experience on 15+ consumer sites

DynamicWeb Swift gives Dansukker a new digital identity with easy navigation and advanced recipe search

Dansukker has transformed their digital landscape using the DynamicWeb Swift solution, tailored to their needs for a single solution for +15 consumer sites. With a mobile optimized global solution, they have taken the improved the user experience, making it easy and convenient for their customers to navigate and find the recipes.

The result

Visual Editor makes it easy for editors to customize content

The new solution was gradually launched in Dansukkers' various markets during the fall of 2022 and was met with positive feedback from both customers and partners.

For Dansukker editors, work has become significantly more enjoyable and efficient as the intelligent transfer of basic design elements and texts frees time from the unnecessary complexity of maintaining multiple local websites.

With the Visual Editor, editors can also directly see all changes on the page, which also makes it quick and easy to create and adapt content to the visual design.







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