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eCommerce and PIM solution with extranet for both dealers and customers

Embark on a journey of enhanced collaboration and streamlined content management with COBOD Connect, a platform thoughtfully crafted to address the unique needs of both dealers and customers in their interaction with COBOD.

COBOD - Construction Of Buildings On Demand - is the world leader in 3D Construction printing solutions. More automation and robotics in the construction industry is becoming more widespread. COBOD's mission is to build SMARTER through multifunctional robots based on 3D construction technology. The vision is a minimum of 50% automation on the construction site.

The Challenge

Extranet for dealers and customers to facilitate collaboration, training, education, and knowledge sharing

COBOD saw a need to implement an extranet for both dealers and their customers that would facilitate collaboration, training, education, and knowledge sharing between customers and ensure effective communication with COBOD. In other words, one platform that would increase customer satisfaction and efficiency. With this in mind, COBOD Connect was formed.

An important criterion for the solution was that it should be intuitive to use and that each user should have access to a limited part of the solution that the specific user should work with. This reduces the risk of errors. At the same time, it should be easier for the individual user to quickly and efficiently publish content to COBOD Connect.

At the same time, COBOD wanted to establish highly efficient processes for creating, enriching and maintaining products. Therefore, DynamicWeb was an obvious choice for COBOD, as DynamicWeb includes CMS, webshop, integration framework, marketing tools and PIM in a single solution. With DynamicWeb PIM, COBOD never has to work in their eCommerce because everything in the webshop is automated via PIM and integrated with NAV.

The Solution

Enhancing business efficiency with PIM integrated eCommerce

COBOD's new solution includes DynamicWeb CMS, marketing, eCommerce and PIM. With a solid integration for NAV, COBOD has integrated exactly the data needs that support COBOD's business, so all data is gathered in DynamicWeb PIM. The products are further enriched in PIM with images, texts and specifications.

From NAV to PIM also comes data that enables customer-specific views of products, so that customers who log in can only order products and spare parts that fit the machine(s) they have previously purchased. This reduces the risk of incorrect orders from customers. In addition, a distinction is also made between 'customers' and 'dealers', and the two groups can see different relevant elements on COBOD Connect.

On COBOD Connect, a forum has been established where customers can engage in a dialog with each other, get inspiration and ask questions about the 3D printers, which in turn enriches COBOD's FAQ. Both other customers and COBOD's own experts have the opportunity to respond. In the forum, customers can also create 'Feature requests' and much more.

Our customers have received the new solution very positively. There will continue to be improvements and the big task now is to activate customers so they get used to using the webshop instead of sending an email or just calling a technician.

The Result

COBOD Connect's customercenter for improved collaboration

COBOD Connect was developed to meet all the needs of COBOD customers or dealers in their collaboration with the company. This was ensured through the active involvement of COBOD's customers in the final phase of the development process. The solution also meets various technical requirements, including an open API framework designed for integration with NAV as well as flexible options to customize the solution specifically to COBOD's requirements.


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