Seamless integration for B2B efficiency including automated orders

3 B2B companies, various webshops and customer portals, PIM and data warehouse, with integrations to a single ERP - Microsoft NAV.

Cinas was founded in 1903 under the name Carl J. Nielsen. Since the 1980s, the company has evolved into the design, import and distribution company it is today.

The challenge

eCommerce in one solution to handle 3 B2B webshops

Three companies, all part of the same group, were looking for a solution that could integrate their websites, webshops and Dynamics NAV. The group consists of three companies that share ownership and resources. They are primarily B2B webshops and reseller portals:  

  • Cinas designs and imports indoor and outdoor furniture.
  • Holse & Wibroe supplies bamboo flooring and boards.
  • Andemors Verden is a brandhouse in the B2B market for everything for children to play and enjoy. 

Manual processes have dominated the business processes, with orders coming in via phone calls and email orders for many different products, where stock levels and prices had to be checked before confirmation could be made. As an additional service, the group also wanted to offer their customers access to a customer center where they could get an overview of their purchases. Therefore, the integration to ERP and the customer portal was a demand for the new eCommerce. 

In addition, they also wanted to update the visual appearance of their websites and create good and easily accessible webshops that would make it easier for customers to change their orders from phone and email to online orders.

The solution

B2B portal for time-saving and higher customer satisfaction

DynamicWeb's CMS provides an integrated tool that spans from the customer's contact with the website to the ERP system in the background. By integrating the three companies' webshops into a Dynamics NAV, employees can now access products and add corrections in one place. At the same time, orders are automatically processed because the customer now adds items to the cart and places the order. This has significantly streamlined Andemors Verdens' order processing. No mistakes are made and telephone and email orders are not processed to the same extent as before. Instead, the customer orders on the website and the order is processed automatically in the system. 

The websites now have dealer sections with user logins. This allows for price segmentation based on individual customer agreements. This means fewer errors in order prices and less manual registration and entry. 

Cinas and Holse & Wibroe share staff resources and have the same employees to process both webshops and product information. A combined solution is therefore incredibly time-saving, as employees have access to the other two websites. 

At the same time, Cinas, Holte & Wibroe and Andemors Verden are three different companies that need three separate accounts, but they still use the same ERP system. Holse & Wibroe has so far created Swedish and Norwegian language versions of the webshop, which can be easily maintained centrally.

Owners have peace of mind knowing that the DynamicWeb solution is GDPR compliant. It allows website owners to collect consent from visitors for use in email marketing and reseller portals.

The result

Reducing risks of errors with automated ordering processes

Order processing is now automated directly in the system, meaning employees are no longer tied to emails and phone calls to handle orders. The system updates automatically as soon as customers place their orders online, which has not only freed up employee resources, but also significantly reduced the risk of errors. 




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