Minimizes manual costs and increases conversions

BioPorto's seamless integration of Dynamicweb CMS and eCommerce, a One-Stop solution for research and webshop.

Headquartered in Denmark, Bioporto is an in vitro diagnostics company focused on saving lives and improving the quality of life with actionable biomarkers - tools designed to help clinicians make changes in patient management. 

The Challenge

Bioporto's journey towards a seamless online presence

Serving customers in more than 80 countries presents many challenges. Therefore, Bioporto, which previously only provided customer service via phone and email, wanted to be able to distribute their products online.

This would require a solution that is first and foremost easy to maintain, but which also offers the possibility of integrating the shop with the ERP system, Dynamics NAV, in the future. In addition, Bioporto has a large amount of research material and studies related to their products that they wanted to make available via the webshop and therefore wanted to transfer information from their old website to the new webshop.

The Solution

Bioporto's Integrated Solution

A website with Dynamicweb CMS and eCommerce was the solution for Bioporto. This combination, which can accommodate information about research and research as well as the eCommerce part, fulfills their need to bring together an information site and webshop.

In this way, their customers can both find sufficient information about the products and research aspects and purchase products in the same place. 

The Result

In just one month, BioPorto was up and running with a webshop that helps them increase sales and reach a wider audience. The webshop's simple design and customized solution has quickly increased conversions, and Bioporto has a solution that fully meets their needs in the research industry.

Bringing the website and shop together in a new, user-friendly system has made it easier for Bioporto to maintain data, thereby reducing manual administrative resources. At the same time, it has become super easy for the company to upload images and data and manage the daily editing of the webshop.


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