Driving Growth and Value - A future Proof eCommerce solution

Experience sustainable growth and heightened customer value as 4tecx pioneers a fully delivered platform, reshaping the eCommerce landscape

4Tecx offers the best products based on quality and price. All 4Tecx products meet the requirements of the professional end user. From sealants to tool cases and from safety glasses to construction lamps. The 4Tecx product range includes various products for the craftsman or professional in construction and industry. The product range is regularly expanded with new products. Zevij-Necomij counts more than 330 members wholesalers, of which 4Tecx is one 

The challenge

Sustainable Growth and Customer Value

Zevij-Necomij, came to us for a future proof eCommerce solution to offer their >300 members. This solution had to include the best conversion options to increase competitive advantage. Besides that, the future proof eCommerce solution has to contribute to a rapid expand of the online market leadership and an increase of the customer value. 

Being relevant at the right time creates extra value in the relationship between buyer and seller so competing over the price ax is less important! 

The solution

Tailored Platforms for Zevij-Necomij and 4Tecx

The solution includes: 

  • A fully developed corporate website; 
  • A fully developed corporate webshop; 
  • An equipped marketing suite; 
  • A selfservice portal. 

With this solution Zevij-Necomij are able to design all platforms individually so that all Zevji-Necomij members including 4Tecx have their own unique and personalized platform. 

A special web service for onboarding ERP and PIM data was developed for an easy integration to the ERP system. 

The result

A Future Proof eCommerce Solution

4Tecx is one of the first members of Zevij-Necomij with a fully delivered platform based on the all-in-one eCommerce concept.

4Tecx now has the possibility to facilitate the customer journey online and to serve the customer in a relevant and proactive way through well integrated product lifecycles. This increases the value proposition of their end customer and leaves competition only along the price axis belong to the past. 

The realization of this 4Tecx platform reinforces the turnkey e-commerce concept designed for Zevij-Necomij members, so the number of members joining this project is expected to grow massively in the coming months.


B2B, eCommerce and CMS


The Netherlands




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