3 Ways to Generate More Profit as B2B Producer


We see that the way of doing sales is changing more and more, since the concept of digitization has become more important over the past few years. Today it is easier to go straight to the source instead of going through different wholesalers and retailers

We also see that in the current market, it is necessary to respond to digital trends, so that you do not fall behind from your competition. We have collected 3 options that you as a manufacturer should benefit from.

1. Use marketing tools

As a producer, you may not need as much marketing as you have already built up a fixed amount of customers. However, due to the major changes in trade patterns, both in the B2B and B2C markets, we now see that manufacturers also need to use such tools.

There are many different tools and they can be used both to attract new customers and to retain your existing customers.

The SEO Tool (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool that analyzes your web pages and places them in a ranking on Google, depending on certain criteria. With this tool, you can reach many more potential new customers than before.

Other tools such as blog posts and newsletters are great, both to bind your existing customers but also to attract new customers. You can use such tools, for example, to inspire your customers, present new products, offer discounts or to share news.

2. Stop processing orders manually, including e-mail and telephone

Many manufacturers have dozens of customers who place new orders every day. Although digitization is a trend nowadays, many still fail to realize the opportunities that this offers your company. The hard truth is that most companies still send orders as e-mail attachments or call the company to place an order. This makes the ordering process, both for the company and for the customer, more time-consuming than necessary.

By having your own portal on your website, the customer can log into his pages and order the goods he needs, while also receiving specific prices and discounts directly in the webshop. This increases the efficiency and order flow of the company and customers receive their goods faster.

3. Product Information Management (PIM)

If you are a manufacturer, you can greatly benefit from a PIM system. It helps you to get complete control over all product information and to give the customer a more detailed overview. This way you avoid a call from the customer because he wants to know if he has ordered the right goods, because there is not enough information about the products in the online store.

The purchase of a PIM system will therefore result in increased efficiency within the company. With PIM you can easily process multiple languages ​​and variants at once, without having to enter each individual product line. Then simply select the product groups and add the information.

With a PIM system you can also obtain product information from other sources, such as partners. Within the PIM you can easily enter the product information directly into the goods and you do not have to enrich the products one by one. In addition, you have the option to select a number of products that you want to use for a printed catalog and send directly to the printer.

In addition to Marketing, Digitization and PIM, Lead generation is also very important to make smart use of your own website through lead generation. In this white paper we show you how a B2B company can use website traffic to generate up to 100% more leads from their website by following its visitors in a structured way.

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