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The future of B2B eCommerce

There has long been an idea that eCommerce is not a valuable channel for B2B companies - an idea that today holds many B2B companies back. For digitisation has moved into the B2B market, with eCommerce sales exploding under COVID-19. But what does the future hold for B2B eCommerce? Find the answer in this white paper.

eCommerce platforms give you access to the B2B customers of tomorrow

For the most part, B2B companies have been reluctant to go digital. That hesitancy may come at a cost in the future - because digitisation is here to stay.

This was very evident during COVID-19, where B2B eCommerce sales increased by 33%.

In many B2B companies, digital transformation can bring great value. Indeed, digitalisation not only opens up new sales channels, but also allows you to create stronger customer relationships with both new and existing customers.

But digitisation is also an investment.

If you want to know more about the value eCommerce holds for B2B companies, and how others have already successfully used eCommerce platforms, as well as plan to use them in the future, then this white paper is for you. Here you will find a state of the art on B2B eCommerce based on a survey of 450 B2B companies from the US and Europe.

Download this white paper and learn how eCommerce will strengthen your competitiveness in the future.

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