Why user friendly CMS Matters to Marketers


The increased importance of content marketing today puts more emphasis on the role of marketers to convert prospects into leads and leads into prospects.

With content marketing, marketers want access to where the content is – the Content Marketing Solution (CMS). Being a software solution, picking a Dynamic CMS used to be the responsibility of IT. What we are seeing now is that the marketing department and content editors also want a say in what CMS the company chooses and uses.

Marketers and content editors want the CMS to be intuitive, rather than a cacophonic cornucopia of text input boxes and pop-up windows. They want an interface that promotes productivity rather than complication. Your marketers and editors want to be able to edit their content, as well as update with increased frequency to maintain an engaged online audience.

It’s also helpful for marketers to be able to moderate content that spurs community discussions. Content marketing with blogs, forums, Q&A’s, etc. creates a two-way street, an interactive process with the consumer rather than simply talking at the consumer. This two-way street is helpful for gathering pertinent information about the client, but some community posts may be negative and require moderation.

Additionally, in order to grow your ebusiness, analytics are importance. High-quality information about your customers, leads, and marketing campaigns allows your marketing team to fine-tune your marketing. This means integrating with the backend systems for lead generation, email management, campaign management, and analytics.

A CMS that integrates with your CRM and ERP creates that well-oiled marketing machine. The traditional CRM makes it easy to pull up contact information, such as address, phone, email, etc. With CMS integration, you may also choose to link any case studies, contracts, proposals, etc. that relate to specific customers. You further add to your collection of knowledge when you save your customers’ community comments as well.

With an intuitive, dynamic CMS, your marketing and editorial teams stay constantly updated without getting frustrated. By creating and editing their own content, the power is in their hands. And when the game is on the line, the winner is the one who wants the ball.

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