June 12th | 3:00 PM CEST

Must know concepts in DynamicWeb PIM

Join our virtual DynamicWeb PIM Update, where we'll be sharing the top 5 must-know concepts in DynamicWeb PIM. This is an incredible opportunity for experienced partners or customers currently working with DynamicWeb PIM to learn from our PIM product manager, Søren Jensen.

Our update will cover the essential concepts you need to know about DynamicWeb PIM, including data modeling, product information enrichment, and management. You'll also learn how to manage enrichment flow and processes effectively and handle data management of external sources, both export and import.

Kicking off the update is Lars Byg, our Commercial Product Manager at DynamicWeb, with an introduction to DynamicWeb 10 and PIM. You'll get a better understanding of PIM in DynamicWeb 10. 

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to engage with other partners and customers, share your experiences, and gain valuable insights into best practices in PIM.


  • Intro to DynamicWeb 10 and PIM v/ Lars Byg, Commercial product manager, DynamicWeb

  • Must-know concepts in DynamicWeb PIM v/ Søren Jensen, Product Manager PIM, DynamicWeb
    • Data modeling
    • Product information enrichment
    • Product information management
    • Manage enrichment flow and processes
    • Data management of external sources, both Export & Import
  • Q&A

Søren Jensen

PIM Product Manager, DynamicWeb

Lars Byg

Commercial Product Manager, DynamicWeb

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