February 29th | 10.00

How to avoid common eCommerce mistakes

Is it difficult for your company to generate online sales?

In today’s digital marketplace, the customers have plenty of options while shopping. Any issues in their shopping experience might lead them to consider alternatives. Therefore, sellers must follow the best practices and avoid costly mistakes to keep customers from going to competitors. 

The focus of this webinar is on avoiding eCommerce strategy execution mistakes. We will explore the key missteps that might result in low conversion rates and dissatisfied customers, from poorly designed product pages to ineffective marketing strategies, and provide guidance on how to avoid them. 

Whether you are just starting out or have some experience in the digital marketplace, this webinar will provide valuable insights to help you improve your digital sale performance. 

Key topics include:

  • Identifying and avoiding common eCommerce mistakes. 
  • Understanding your market. 
  • Addressing copy mistakes for CRO and SEO. 
  • Poor product pages. 
  • Marketing challenges. 


Brad Vorbeck

Marketing Manager, DynamicWeb

Jasmine Leslie

Pre-sales Engineer, DynamicWeb

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