March 1st 2023 | 13.00 CET

Demystifying Dynamics AX and F&O eCommerce Integration

Integrated eCommerce projects have a tendency to be big, expensive, and risky propositions. That’s not the case for DynamicWeb integrated eCommerce projects! 

DynamicWeb’s standard integration will get you closer to your end goal in record time and with less risk because we’ve already addressed the hidden complexities of integrated eCommerce.

This webinar is going to demystify Dynamics AX and F&O integrated eCommerce and help you take the leap from idea to execution for exactly your particular situation.

We’ll cover the following topics:

  • What is a standard integration?
  • Why is a standard integration good, and is it applicable for your situation?
  • How does ecommerce flow between AX/F&O and DynamicWeb?
  • What can you expect in terms of project scope, cost and maintenance?

Who should join this webinar?
Companies using Dynamics AX or F&O, where eCommerce is relevant for their business. 

Brian Boyles

Presales and Partner Enablement Consultant, DynamicWeb

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