DynamicWeb Academy

DynamicWeb Academy is a series of courses in DynamicWeb 10 split into our 2 day standard sessions:

These sessions will be arranged in sequence so that it will be possible to attend a 4-day training course and achieve a high level of learning during the four days.

Each session for DynamicWeb Academy costs €672 / DKK 5.000 or if you prefer to participate in all 4 days the price is €1344 / DKK 10.000.

Accomodation and meals are included during the Academy training days - or you can deselect this and just attend the day courses (request special price if so). For those who wish to take both sessions in a row, accomodation and meals for the transitional evening can be arranged.

Check back later for upcoming Academy dates and please contact us for further information.

Custom trainings
If DynamicWeb Academy is not the right thing for you, a tailored course for your specific needs is always an option from DynamicWeb.

Click here to hear more about our specialised 1-day courses (Master Classes)


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